Measurables: 6'1" 211 lbs.

Games Watched: Texas Tech (2015), Arkansas (2015), Alabama (2015), Alabama (2016), Texas A&M (2016)

Used in a variety of ways: high safety, WILL linebacker/moneybacker, and slot corner.

Best position is close to line of scrimmage, where he can make an immediate impact as support in the run game. Capable blitzer, good at timing/anticipating snap count. Not afraid to take on blockers, although he does not often win those battles one versus one. Instead good at using speed and recognition to beat offensive linemen to ball carrier. When playing off the line, he will come down field with bad intentions.

Can play press or off man in the slot. Fluid backpedal. Little wasted movement in gathering feet and good reaction time when required to plant and drive to close on receivers. Shows good awareness and feel for where receivers are when in zone coverage. Effective in underneath zone carrying and walling off receivers while keeping head on swivel.

Not very good at shedding blockers once they're able to engage him, must instead win with speed. At times will get lazy in pursuit on backside of plays.

Good ball skills and awareness, although not a ball hawk per say. An enforcer in the middle of the field, who can come in and immediately make a defense better. 8.4 - Top 10 pick.